Antarta’s Space Food on Antarctica

This year Antarta’s space food once again reached the lands of Antarctica in support of Bulgarian polar scientists and researchers. The food was initially brought to Antarctica in the 90s by Dr Solomon Passy and ever since it has proven to be indispensable in the polar environment. Its supreme compactness, minimal weight, great nutritional value, easy-to-consume packaging, and extremely long shelf life without the need for special storing conditions and procedure, makes it irreplaceable for polar and high altitude expeditions, sports, sailing, space and other specialized missions.

Antarta’s products have also proven to be especially useful in field work in Antarctic expeditions conducted by scientists and military as they provide quick, effortless, tasty, healthy and filling meals in difficult or extreme conditions.



Photos: Bulgarian scientist, associate professor of hydrobiology at the Faculty of Biology of Sofia University, Lyubomir Kenderov. During this year’s 31st Bulgarian polar expedition he conducted work on an integrated study of the ‘sediment, biota and water’ components of the littoral ocean ecosystem of Livingstone Island, Antarctica.