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Space food and supplements

What we offer

various daily menus
lyophilized foods

Our products are based on modern biotechnological methods of incorporating specialized lyophilized functional bioproducts (biologically active materials, enzymes, and microorganisms of different origin), on scientific formulas, and on the high-technological production of lyophilized food concentrates in a variety of types, compositions, energy contents and categories – in the form of powder, granules, tablets, and completed modules and menus for the intake of food in extraordinary conditions.

Our products are highly suitable for

  • under extreme conditions
  • during space flights
  • army unites
  • for alpine climbers
  • polar expeditions
  • in natural disasters
  • war situations.

Having a very low mass and volume, they are easily transportable; they have a long shelf life and room temperature storage; they can be easily used directly in extreme circumstances; and they are highly nutritious.

We offer two series
of packaging