The Technology

High quality
food proven in space

The of our products, ANTARTA’s brand Bulgarian Space Food and unique scientific preservation technology has already been proven in cosmos, and we are considered one of the best in the space industry. We can supply more than 30 different meals and set menus, as well as drinks and supplements, corresponding to the special needs of astronauts in space or in other extreme missions.

Our advantages

  • Lightest possible weight in the world (which is why our foods are preferred in space missions);
  • Compactness and small volume;
  • High energy values and healthy ingredients;
  • Food-processing that preserves all nutritional properties, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, etc.;
  • A long shelf life of at least 5 years;
  • A variety of menus with excellent flavor;
  • Organic products processed in a sterile environment;
  • Storage at room temperature makes transportation easy – no freezers or refrigerators needed;
  • Ready for consumption foods or just-add-water foods.

Why our products are
important for space and
extreme / unusual

  • Highly nutritional value for extreme physical and stress conditions packed into a very small volume and mass;
  • Resistant to extreme temperature and pressure;
  • The strong combination of flavor and test of the Bulgarian Space Menu, part of the ANTARTA’s brand Bulgarian Space Food, contribute to the high rate of acceptance;
  • Improve immune resistance and work capacity;
  • Their quality is already proven in space flights, Himalayan and Antarctic expeditions, and transatlantic regattas;
  • Based on high quality environmentally pure essential products such as veal, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and yogurt;
  • Our lyophilizing technology allows the full preservation of their nutritional and biological value and taste; organoleptic, they have antibiotic, anti-radiational, and detoxifying effects;
  • Good digestibility and favorable physiological impact on the metabolism and adaptability.
  • The special packaging provides protection in cases of radiation, chemical, and biological contamination.
  • The mass of the food we offer for one day per person is only 600g, which corresponds to 2970/2700g in consumption and about 3703 (kCal); 15500 (kJ), fully tailored to the needs of the body in extreme and physically demanding conditions.
  • Among the useful properties of our foods and beverages is: muscle mass maintenance and bone loss prevention, strengthening the blood vessels and the nervous system, supporting the body and mind under high physical activity and stress;
  • Repeatedly tested and proven when consumed in space, at high altitude, in sailing, and on polar expeditions;
  • Provide for all the needs of the body in a minimum load that is easy to store, transport, and carry;
  • With an anti-radiation and antioxidant effect;
  • Foods in powder, liquid, and tablet form that are easy to prepare and eat and also faster to digest.

Lyophilized dishes

Lyophilized space dishes, part of the ANTARTA’s brand Bulgarian Space Menu and Food, are prepared from
ecological components and high-quality and organic sources such as beef, vegetables, extracts, dairy products, herbs, fruits, spices, and others. Processed by a combined method of cooking or stewing, freezing and freeze-drying, these meals fully preserve their nutritional qualities and biological values. The main courses in our lyophilized space menu are easy to digest, highly absorbent, and have a distinctly good taste.